Friday, 23 June 2017

A Very Lucky Girl

Each morning when I get up I settle down for an hour with a cup of coffee and I enter competitions.  Lots of them.  In May I did over 5000 entries.  So the law of averages means that occasionally I win things.

Today I have received this rather nice box of furniture paint which also includes wax, a brush and a project booklet. I'm not into upcycling furniture but I know someone who will make very good use of this prize so that's one Christmas present sorted.  

I also got an email saying that I have won a short UK break.  That will most likely be taken by me but as I enter so many competitions I can't remember the terms and conditions of this particular one so I'll keep you posted!

I've never had two prizes in one week before so I am feeling very lucky today


  1. Well done, I can remember entering that one I think.

  2. I have never won anything! You are a lucky girl!

  3. Congratulations, very exciting :)

  4. Well done. 5000 competitions is a lot of work!

  5. Congratulations, how do you physically enter 5000 competitions......I'm curious!

  6. It's 5000 entries not 5000 different competitions.
    I am registered with various competition sites and have them all on my favourites bar so I get there quickly. My pooter saves my details so I can do 20 different competitions very quickly. Because I do only free-to-enter competitions the "entry fee" is having to watch an advertising video but I turn the speakers off and have about three browsers open so while the advert is running through I am doing the next competition.

    1. I should also have said that different sites have the same competitions and may even allow an entry each day so I have multi entries to each competition. As many competitions have a multiple choice question to qualify second and subsequent entries are straightforward.

  7. It is good to win prizes. Good for you. Keep entering and luck will be yours for sure.

  8. Brilliant. How exciting, a UK break. They're certainly prizes worth having.